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Food, Farming, and Race
Additional Law & Policy Resources
In collaboration with Shirah Dedman


This webpage is a special joint project undertaken by Susan Schneider and Shirah Dedman with the goal of providing resources on "Food, Farming and Race."  We hope that our resources will include both analysis of the historic and contemporary structural racism that permeates our food system and resources on the transformational changes that are breaking down barriers and building new opportunities. We welcome your suggestions. Please use the Contact Us form.






About the Collaborator

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Shirah Dedman is an afroecologist, specializing in the environmental analysis of the African-American experience. She is the filmmaker of two widely-released documentaries: Follow the Drinking Gourd and YOU A NOMAD. Follow the Drinking Gourd is a feature documentary that explores the Black food justice movement by connecting slavery, landloss, climate change and food autonomy. YOU A NOMAD is a short documentary that deconstructs the depopulation of African-Americans from cities. She is a former Associate of the Equal Justice Initiative, where she took part in the community education project by speaking about the lynching of her great-grandfather. Shirah is an alum of the LL.M. Program.

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